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    Boost profitability and gain a competitive edge with a holistic view of your customer relationship value

      Competition is intensifying for high quality relationships and the consequences for getting pricing wrong are greater than ever. Compete on the most valuable deals by more completely and relevantly measuring the net opportunity that a relationship brings to the company with the Relationship Pricing Analyzer platform.

      This new platform helps you measure the income that a relationship brings to a bank in the form of coupon, fees, and derivative income against the associated credit, financial, and operational costs that are incurred to support the customer.

    Who can benefit from this platform?

    • Relationship managers can win deals via competitive differentiation and speed to market
    • Portfolio managers can effectively monitor relationship profitability, capital at risk, expected loss, and portfolio returns
    • Business leaders can confidently allocate resources to maximize risk-adjusted profitability

      We are committed to building solutions that can quickly scale and adapt to your changing business needs. The Relationship Pricing Analyzer platform is flexible and easily connects with your in-house systems or other award-winning Moody’s Analytics products, allowing you to create a unique, powerful pricing tool.

      Download the product brochure to learn more and reach out today to see how you can benefit from the Relationship Pricing Analyzer platform.

    Product Brochure

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