To grow with confidence, you need a solid foundation of risk and compliance management, as well as tools and processes geared up to spot opportunities and act on your ambition.


 We offer our expertise, packaged in software, services, data and analytics to help Digital and Challenger banks stay focused on their growth, while we help to take care of risk, finance and lending processes.

Digital banks: Harnessing technology to deliver growth


Digital banks: Harnessing technology to deliver growth

As digital banks face their toughest times yet, their choice of technology for credit risk analytics and identifying growth opportunities could be pivotal to success.

With you every step of your growth journey
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Foundation    Infrastructure  Growth  
Laying a solid foundation for a successful launch.
Risk, compliance and other frameworks that are needed before you start trading.
 Ensuring the long term stability and profitability. Balance sheet management and accounting frameworks to make a difference.  Ready, steady, grow!
Lending solutions that help you stay focused on customer while ensuring your growth is good growth.
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Have confidence in your regulatory reporting

We love regulatory reporting. Yes, you read that right.

We’ve been doing it for many years, know how it works, earned the trust of the regulator, and our clients worldwide. You can therefore rely on us to give you a solution that takes care of your regulatory compliance and reporting once and for all.

We will help you to:


Set a solid framework for your compliance with Basel standards or Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR).

Automate the whole regulatory process end-to-end from calculation of all Risk Weighted Assets (RWA) measures, through validation, to submission.

Stay compliant continuously as we monitor the regulator's updates and deliver them to you timely.

ALM framework that can support your growth

As you continue on your growth journey, you need tools that ensure the long-term stability and profitability of that growth. Creating a good asset and liability framework, for one, can make a big difference in your overall success. We know that because we implemented our ALM solution in over 100 banks globally and saw the effect proper balance sheet management can have.

We can help you to:


Fully understand your assets and liabilities – a holistic, yet granular view of your entire balance sheet


Recognize and quantity the risks - be that liquidity or interest rate risk


Manage both regulatory and operation liquidity


And ultimately achieve greater profitability while reducing the risk. Growing safely, robustly, in line with the bank’s strategy.

When it comes to lending, you can be sure your growth is good growth

When you’re scaling up your small business lending, providing great customer experience and managing credit risk at the same time can be difficult. With us, it doesn’t have to be. We know how to build and implement a reliable origination process that ensures your growth is good growth.


Our expertise in credit risk turned into data, models and software helps you automate your entire underwriting process – saving your resources, time and money. This is all whilst meeting your customers’ high expectations by delivering timely decisions.

Over the years we have earned the trust of our clients - big and small, traditional and digital - globally by providing a full-picture of credit decisioning.

Accounting standards, but done better

Your customer base is growing. Different clients, from all walks of life, create a very diverse portfolio that makes accounting challenging. The regulator needs to see that you are covering for all eventualities in that diversity – enter the accounting standards!


 But what if by complying with accounting standards, say IFRS9, you could also pave the path to new opportunities? What if the actual compliance is automated and accurate, allowing you not to tie up capital, giving you confidence to act on your ambitions?


Our impairment solution can do that, and more. Our solution and the experts that implement it, will give you the ability to take control of the process, making it an automated end-to-end IFRS9 compliance.

Blog: Regulatory Reporting for Digital Banks - How to stay creative, yet compliant
Blog: Regulatory Reporting for Digital Banks - How to stay creative, yet compliant

Recently we wrote a blog for UK Finance discussing the perils of regulatory compliance for Digital Banks. 

To read the blog by our resident Regulatory Expert Pierre Mesnard, please follow the link below.  

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