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The Convergence of Risk, Finance, and Accounting: CECL

Examines the CECL impairment regulation and discusses challenges, best practices, and timelines for US firms faced with
the task of becoming compliant.


Risk Perspectives    The Convergence of Risk, Finance, and Accounting Volume 7
Analyzes IFRS 9, delves into its effects on future impairment calculations, and provides recommendations on how financial institutions can implement and leverage forward-looking credit
loss models. 
    Risk Perspectives: Risk Management - The Decade Ahead    Risk Management: The Decade Ahead Volume 6
Looks at the best practices of today that will form the successful risk management practices of the future. 
Moody's Analytics Risk Perspetives | Risk Data Management

Risk Data Management | Global Edition Volume 5
Focuses on helping financial institutions improve their data management practices and capabilities for enhanced risk management, business value, and regulatory compliance.


Integrated Risk Management | Global Edition Volume 4 
Details how global risk managers can comply with new regulations, better manage risk, and meet business and industry demands.




Managing Insurance Risk | Global Edition Volume 3 
Addresses the challenges and opportunities in the global insurance sector, and how they impact the risk management practices of insurers.


Stress Testing | North American Edition Volume 2
Explores how North American financial institutions can leverage stress testing regulations to add value to their business, for compliance and beyond.


  Stress Testing | European Edition Volume 1
Focuses on stress testing in Europe – how banks can build an effective stress testing program, achieve critical business objectives, and ensure regulatory compliance.


A Magazine for Global Risk Practitioners

Each edition of Risk Perspectives magazine explores an industry or regulatory topic in depth, presenting a wide range of views, best practices, techniques, and approaches, all with one larger goal in mind – to deliver essential insight to the global financial markets.

Risk practitioners can then turn that insight into action to make smarter, risk-aware decisions that impact both their day-to-day business planning and the strategic management of their firms.

The articles are written by our industry experts, who draw from not only their extensive experience working on complex projects with financial institutions and regulators, but also the comprehensive resources of Moody’s Analytics.

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