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    U.S. Commercial Properties Price Indices Methodology and Forecast Trends

    December 2019

    Moody’s Analytics has added six new U.S. commercial property price indices (CPPI) to its global macroeconomic forecast model based on sales transaction data from REIS.

    CPPIs measure changes in commercial property prices nationally and across major US markets. Moody’s Analytics economic forecasts cover a 30-year horizon to identify expected commercial property price trends under various economic scenarios. As such, clients can assess the impact of economic and financial market conditions on their commercial real estate portfolios, reduce risk exposures, and optimize their decision making.

    In this webinar, our economists will describe the methodology used in the construction of Moody’s Analytics proprietary indices and provide a forward-looking view for the performance of U.S. commercial real estate prices.

    Click here to view presentation slides.


    Victor Calanog
    Head of CRE Economics at Moody's Analytics, responsible for REIS's econometric models, valuation, and market trend aggregation and forecasting.

    Chris Lafakis
    Director with Moody’s Analytics specializing in macroeconomics, energy economics, model development and validation.

    Kwame Donaldson
    Associate Director with Moody's Analytics, specializing with regional house price forecasting models and metropolitan areas.

    Arijit Sarkar
    Assistant Director with Moody’s Analytics, specializing in statistical model development and management.

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