Empower Your Financial Decisions with QFStudio powered by Multiverse Computing
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Empower Your Financial Decisions with QFStudio powered by Multiverse Computing

In collaboration with Multiverse Computing, we are bringing to the market the QFStudio powered by Multiverse Computing platform, enabling our users to access Quantum and Quantum Inspired technologies via a Software as a Service offering. Provides both a Web and API access to edge algorithmic solutions to solve your hardest problems and challenges like optimization problems, risk calculations and many more.

What is QFStudio powered by Multiverse Computing? 

The QFStudio powered by Multiverse Computing platform provides quantum solvers as a Software as a Service (SaaS). It features benchmarking capabilities that allow for a comparative analysis of classical solutions and their quantum equivalents, specifically for high-impact use cases within the finance sector.

The finance industry may be one of the first to benefit from quantum computing, with many use cases which require substantial amounts of live data and complex computational tasks. The methods used to tackle these problems take a lot of time, space, and resources via today’s classical computers. However, some of these can be adapted and will potentially be solved effectively with quantum or quantum-inspired techniques, providing a business advantage versus the classical approach. 

Financial institutions need to understand what benefits quantum computing can bring them. At Moody’s Analytics, we are focused on innovation to better serve our customers and enable them to make decisions even faster than before. We are excited to announce a quantum leap forward with our exploration of quantum computing, which promises extensive improvements for computationally expensive problems that could impact on some of the core problems our clients face. 

We are launching the first QFStudio powered by Multiverse Computing platform.  

Understanding your computational bottlenecks, Unlocking the next generation of computing

What is the product?

In the recent report on how financial institutions are adopting Quantum Computing, to access the report, click here. We learnt that most companies see the integration of Quantum Algorithms as one of the main bottlenecks. The QFStudio powered by Multiverse Computing platform is a continuous integration, benchmark, and delivery platform allowing you to seamlessly integrate quantum and classical algorithms into your workflows. It offers a collection of APIs and SDKs and a web view to evaluate which algorithms are best for your use case. Compare them by speed, cost or accuracy, and run experiments using the state-of-the-art Moody’s mathematical models for risk and their quantum version. You will be the first to leverage Quantum Advantage in a hardware-agnostic way.

What are the product benefits?

Identify your bottlenecks first, benchmark different solvers. Quantify the advantage quantum can bring.
Easy integration for efficient scalability and benchmarking classical versus quantum or quantum inspired algorithms
Direct and managed access to multiple quantum hardware providers and algorithms
Access to state-of-the-art portfolio optimizers provided by our partner, Multiverse Computing
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