Countdown to 2023: Deciding Your Path to IFRS 17 Implementation

Between now and the effective date for IFRS 17, non-life insurers face many challenges interpreting the standard and preparing for implementation. In this InsuranceERM hosted webinar, sponsored by Moody's Analytics, the panel will discuss the current state of IFRS 17 implementation and challenges faced by non-life insurers. Topics explored include:

  1. Data requirements for IFRS 17 measurement, as well as challenges and options to address the data requirements
  2. Methodology choices, including PAA versus GMM, onerousness testing, and treatment of the loss component
  3. Handling reinsurance contracts—reinsurance contracts held need special attention as they might need a different treatment than the direct business regarding the valuation model, the contract boundaries, and the timing of cash flows
  4. Financial reporting—the implications of producing IFRS 17 disclosures and broader implications for management reporting (KPIs)

Speakers include:

  • Anthony Hams, Head of Group Provisioning, Atradius
  • Santiago Fiallos, Senior Manager, Actuarial & Quantitative Services, Sia Partners
  • Srini Iyer, Senior Director, Moody’s Analytics
  • Steffen Hoffmann, Head of IFRS 17 Staff Unit in Group Finance and Accounting, VIG
  • Moderator: Christopher Cundy, Editor, InsuranceERM