Episode 2: Ensuring IFRS 17 Implementation Success Webinar Series

Accountants, Actuaries, and IT Working Together for Implementation

Actuaries, accountants, and IT must work together to drive IFRS 17 software implementation. The essential participants are business users from the accounting and actuarial departments. They ultimate owners of the project, and are the ones who must gain knowledge of the system and become familiar with the processes.

Topics explored include:

Accountants, actuaries, and IT working together across silos

The involvement necessary from the actuarial and accounting teams

Transitioning from on-premises to SaaS

Moving the work focus from IT implementation to business decisions

The risks associated with indifferent business users

How to get buy-in from business users


Moderator: Alexandre Merigay, Senior Director – Insurance, Moody’s Analytics
Natalia Orzechowska, Director – Insurance Customer Engagement, Moody’s Analytics
Tracy Lister FIA FASSA CERA, Associate Director, QED