“As part of the broader Moody’s ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to accelerate our data enrichment methodologies. We are able to leverage vast amount of data and learnings that come from decades of data analytics and apply these principles to our news data within our next-generation NewsEdge platform..." said Sergio Gago Huerta, Managing Director at Moody’s Analytics.




Moody's Analytics NewEdge™ provides real-time news management and delivery for business professionals. It curates and ingests information from over 19,000 global content sources, including media outlets, blogs, websites, government regulatory commissions, and social media, then distributes targeted real-time feeds and alerts to customers across the financial services, corporate and media sectors. The NewsEdge enrichment engine enhances content with metadata to provide early warning signals and real-time insight to market participants.

The Credit Sentiment Score™ solution compiles adverse credit signals from news articles, backed by extensive research and state-of-the-art natural language processing, text analytics, and machine learning techniques. This score helps firms assess credit in the loan origination and portfolio risk monitoring process and track unfavorable media. The higher the score, the stronger the credit distress signal.

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