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The AI Breakthrough Awards are run by Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for today's most competitive global technology markets.



How Winners Are Chosen

The evaluation criteria for the AI Breakthrough Awards program are focused around the concept of innovation. The award program has developed the evaluation criteria and a corresponding set of assessment tools and scales that allow for a fair, honest and equitable assessment of each entry. All award nominations are fully analyzed, evaluated and scored by a panel of judges, representing a mix of technical, business, academic and marketing expertise within the industry. 

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“Across everything we do at Moody’s Analytics, our shared goal is to help customers make better decisions. Taking the prize for Best Decision Management Solution is especially gratifying.”...

About QUIQspread™
About QUIQspread™

The Moody's Analytics QUIQspread tool is an intelligent, automated spreading tool that helps institutions automate the spreading of financial statements for better, faster decision-making. This dynamic solution combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring efficiency, accuracy, consistency, and traceability to the financial spreading process.

About CreditLens­™
About CreditLens­™

The QUIQspread tool integrates seamlessly with the Moody's Analytics CreditLens platform, our credit lifecycle management solution which helps businesses digitally transform their commercial credit processes. The CreditLens solution allows you to run financial statements through the QUIQspread tool without leaving the platform.