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    U.S. Macro & Regional Economic Outlook

    The U.S. economy is booming and near-term prospects have rarely been as strong.

    In this webinar, Mark Zandi and the Moody’s Analytics team will examine the tailwinds to growth, including fast-approaching herd immunity, massive pent-up demand, excess saving as well as unprecedented monetary and fiscal policy support. We will also review which regions of the U.S. are leading the country’s recovery, which are lagging, and the reasons why. Finally, we’ll examine the threats, including the prospects for uncomfortably high inflation and interest rates, overvalued asset markets, and the uncontrolled pandemic in much of the rest of the world.

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    Are We in a Housing Bubble?

    The single-family market is hot, with house prices surging in much of the country. Is the market a bubble?

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    Weekly Market Outlook: The Dot Plot Thickens

    The Federal Reserve on Wednesday didn't alter its description of U.S. inflation. Policymakers still view the acceleration as transitory, but there was a big shift in the so-called “dot plot” that tracks interest-rate projections by the members of the central bank's Federal Open Market Committee.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Cost Push or Demand Pull

    The U.S. is experiencing cost-push inflation, which has historically proven to be more temporary than other causes, primarily demand pull.

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    The only way to resolve the nation's affordable housing crisis

    It is a relief to see policymakers finally focus in earnest on the nation's crumbling infrastructure. But it is unnerving to see so little attention given to what may be the most critical infrastructure need of all: the nation's dire shortage of affordable housing.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: It's Not Stagflation

    The U.S. is not currently experiencing stagflation, and it's not going to over the next couple of years.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Talking About Tapering Talk

    Financial markets are interpreting the minutes from the April Federal Open Market Committee meeting as being hawkish, as Treasury yields jumped following the release of the minutes.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Are Inflationists Finally Right, or Still Crying Wolf?

    The April U.S. consumer price index was surprisingly strong but there are no implications for the timing of the Federal Reserve's tapering of its monthly asset purchase or first rate hike.

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    Biden's Build Back Better plan will improve nearly every community in America

    There is a lot to like in the President's Build Back Better plan.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Bond Market and the Booming Economy

    Bond investors have come to terms with a booming U.S. economy and reflation narrative.

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    The Macroeconomic Consequences of the American Families Plan and the Build Back Better Agenda

    We assess the macroeconomic consequences of the AFP in this white paper, and find that while its near-term impacts are small, it provides meaningful longer-term economic benefits by increasing labor force participation and the educational attainment of the population.

    May 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi
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