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    Assessing Bank of England’s Climate Risk Scenarios

    Global central banks and regulators are increasingly focused on the risks climate change poses to the global financial system.

    The Bank of England’s recent climate risk stress test is the latest effort. In this webinar, we discuss the BOE’s climate risk scenarios, our methodologies for expanding them to a wide range of economic, financial, and demographic variables across the world, and the implications for future efforts by central banks to gauge climate risks.

    Join Mark Zandi, Chief Economist; Marisa DiNatale, Senior Director; and Chris Lafakis, Director, as they discuss climate change scenarios and their implications on central banks.


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    Weekly Market Outlook: Fed Minutes Reveal Some Unease

    Minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee's May meeting show policymakers were unnerved by the lack of progress against inflation in the first quarter.

    May 2024 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Katrina Ell, Kyle Hillman, Dave Chia, Harry Murphy Cruise, Matt Colyar, Chris Lafakis, Jesse Rogers, Olga Bychkova

    Weekly Market Outlook: The Ramifications of the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

    The shocking collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore will reverberate for years.

    March 2024 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Harry Murphy Cruise, Stefan Angrick, Olga Bychkova, Matt Colyar, Olia Kuranova, Chris Lafakis, Jesse Rogers

    Weekly Market Outlook: Holding Steady

    The U.S. economy is performing well, and near-term prospects are good, as the economy remains resilient.

    March 2024 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Harry Murphy Cruise, Olga Bychkova, Jeemin Bang, Marisa DiNatale, Jesse Rogers

    Weekly Market Outlook: Existing-Home Sales Pick Up

    Existing-home sales rebounded in January, climbing 3.1% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4 million, slightly above consensus expectations for 3.97 million sales.

    February 2024 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Mark Zandi, Stefan Angrick, Olga Bychkova, Matt Colyar, Alfredo Coutiño, Heron Lim

    Weekly Market Outlook: Explaining the Standstill in Auto Credit

    The check-engine light is on for the auto credit market.

    November 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Stefan Angrick, Justin Begley, Olga Bychkova, Chris Lafakis

    Weekly Market Outlook: No Surprise in September CPI

    September's consumer price index, as Moody's Analytics expected, showed a 0.4% monthly increase that held the annual inflation rate at 3.7%.

    October 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Harry Murphy Cruise, Stefan Angrick, Olga Bychkova, Mark Zandi, Matt Colyar, Justin Begley

    Weekly Market Outlook: Who Has the Savings, and How Much?

    Since excess savings are measured as the amount saved in excess of what would have been saved if the pandemic had not occurred, it is clear that the more time passes, the more uncertain assumptions about the underlying trend in saving becomes.

    September 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Stefan Angrick, Olga Bychkova, Harry Murphy Cruise, Chris Lafakis

    Weekly Market Outlook: Retail Sales Still Chasing Inflation

    U.S. retail sales continue to grow at a modest pace that is barely keeping up with inflation.

    July 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Mark Zandi, Stefan Angrick, Matt Colyar, Katrina Ell, Scott Hoyt, Steven Shields, Bernard Yaros

    Weekly Market Outlook: Fed Minutes Reinforce Softened Stance

    The Federal Open Market Committee softened its tone in May's post-meeting statement, a sentiment reinforced within the FOMC meeting minutes.

    May 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Mark ZandiKatrina Ell, Heron Lim, Steven Shields

    Debt Limit Scenario Update

    The Treasury debt limit drama is fast approaching its finale. Congress and the Biden administration have no more than a month before the Treasury runs out of enough cash to pay all of the government's bills on time. Here, we update our analysis of two alternative scenarios that bookend the economic impact if lawmakers do not act in time and there is a breach of the limit.

    May 2023 Pdf Mark Zandi, Adam Kamins, Bernard Yaros
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