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    Assessing the Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Virus Under Alternative Scenarios

    The COVID-19 virus continues to spread and the economic damage is mounting.

    The trajectory of COVID-19 is highly uncertain. Variables include how long it will take for the virus to play out, how many people will be infected, how many will die, and whether the virus will spread in a significant way outside of China. In this webinar, we assess the global macroeconomic impact of two scenarios, although others, each darker than the next, cannot be ruled out.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Existing-Home Sales Pick Up

    Existing-home sales rebounded in January, climbing 3.1% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4 million, slightly above consensus expectations for 3.97 million sales.

    February 2024 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Mark Zandi, Stefan Angrick, Olga Bychkova, Matt Colyar, Alfredo Coutiño, Heron Lim

    Weekly Market Outlook: Too-High CPI

    According to January's consumer price index, the annual inflation rate fell from 3.4% to 3.1%.

    February 2024 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Olga Bychkova, Matt Colyar, Katrina Ell, Kyle Hillman, Heron Lim, Jesse Rogers

    Weekly Market Outlook: The Roaring Twenties?

    A new year, a familiar upside surprise from the U.S. labor market.

    February 2024 Pdf Stefan Angrick, Dave Chia, Olga Bychkova, Matt Colyar, Dante DeAntonio, Cristian deRitis, Kamil Kovar, Harry Murphy Cruise

    Weekly Market Outlook: No News Is Good News

    For consecutive meetings, the Federal Open Market Committee kept its primary policy rate unchanged.

    November 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Steven Cochrane, Jeemin Bang, Olga Bychkova, Heron Lim

    Weekly Market Outlook: No Surprise in September CPI

    September's consumer price index, as Moody's Analytics expected, showed a 0.4% monthly increase that held the annual inflation rate at 3.7%.

    October 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Harry Murphy Cruise, Stefan Angrick, Olga Bychkova, Mark Zandi, Matt Colyar, Justin Begley

    Weekly Market Outlook: Rates on the Rise

    The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield has been on a steady climb upward since May but has accelerated to start the fourth quarter, reaching its highest level since 2007.

    October 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Steven Cochrane, Denise Cheok, Olga Bychkova, Justin Begley, Harry Murphy Cruise, Heron Lim

    Weekly Market Outlook: A Win for the Doves

    Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell last week emphasized the degree of uncertainty surrounding the outlook for monetary policy, while reasserting the central bank's commitment to not ease up on the brakes until its 2% inflation target is in sight.

    August 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Steven Cochrane, Olga Bychkova, Katrina Ell, Denise Cheok, Adam Kamins, Harry Murphy Cruise

    Weekly Market Outlook: U.S. Job Growth Looks a Little Less Robust

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday released its preliminary estimate for the upcoming benchmark revisions to payroll employment.

    August 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Stefan Angrick, Olga Bychkova, Jeemin Bang, Matt Colyar, Katrina Ell, Kyle Hillman

    Weekly Market Outlook: Looking Good, So Far

    The Moody's Analytics high-frequency GDP estimate for the U.S. third quarter rose with the latest data on consumer spending and inflation

    August 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Katrina Ell, Michael Brisson, Alfredo Coutiño, Olga Bychkova, Jesse Rogers

    Weekly Market Outlook: Inflation Meets Expectations

    The U.S. consumer price index for July carries limited monetary policy implications, as we believe the Federal Reserve is done with interest-rate hikes for the current tightening cycle.

    August 2023 Pdf Dante DeAntonio, Stefan Angrick, Olga Bychkova, Matt Colyar, Katrina Ell, Jesse Rogers
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