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    COVID-19: Q&A

    COVID-19 has ignited an unprecedented global economic crisis, that has been extraordinarily difficult to gauge, generating a blizzard of wide-ranging questions

    From long-term economic implications for countries, industries, policy, credit and financial markets, to the methodologies we use in our analysis, this webinar is largely devoted to answering your questions. 



    • Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics
    • Cris deRitis, Deputy Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics
    • Steve Cochrane, Chief APAC Economist, Moody's Analytics 
    • Ryan Sweet, Senior Director, Moody's Analytics
    • Petr Zemcik, Senior Director, Moody's Analytics
    • Alfredo Coutino, Director, Moody's Analytics
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    Weekly Market Outlook: How Inverted Could the U.S. Yield Curve Get?

    The U.S. yield curve has been inverted for several weeks and is among the most inverted in decades.

    August 2022 Pdf Ryan Sweet, Kamil Kovar, Jain Illiana, Matt Colyar, Steven Shields

    Assessing the Macroeconomic Consequences of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

    Lawmakers appear close to passing into law the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Inflation and U.S. Recession Risks

    The recent surge in U.S. inflation has made a mockery of interest rate projections, market-implied and professional forecasts alike.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Fed May Go Straight to Ludicrous Speed

    The June U.S. consumer price index has financial markets increasing their bets on a 100-basis point rate hike at the upcoming meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee.

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    Lease-to-Purchase: How to Build Homeownership

    Owning one's home is arguably the most effective way for lower- and middle-income Americans to build wealth and critical to building more stable communities and a stronger economy.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Aggressive Now, Pause Later

    The minutes from the June meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee show the central bank is worried that if it doesn't aggressively remove monetary policy accommodation, inflation could become entrenched

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    Weekly Market Outlook: A Penny for Your Thoughts?

    Revisions to the third estimate of U.S. GDP are normally uneventful and, on the surface, that appears to have held.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Lost That Lovin' Feeling

    U.S. recessions are ultimately a loss of faith: Consumers lose faith that they will have a job and pull back on their spending, and businesses lose faith that there will be demand for the good or service they produce, and they lay off workers.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: I'm From the Fed and I'm Here to Help

    There is a lot to unpack from the June meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, including the largest rate hike since 1994, a significant shift in the so-called dot plot, changes to the post-meeting statement, and new economic projections.

    June 2022 Pdf Ryan Sweet, Kamil Kovar, Bernard Yaros, Matt Colyar, Michael Ferlez

    Weekly Market Outlook: What if Gasoline in the U.S. Goes to $6? $7?

    The pain U.S. consumers are feeling at the pump will get worse before it gets better.

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