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    COVID-19 has ignited an unprecedented global economic crisis, that has been extraordinarily difficult to gauge, generating a blizzard of wide-ranging questions

    From long-term economic implications for countries, industries, policy, credit and financial markets, to the methodologies we use in our analysis, this webinar is largely devoted to answering your questions. 



    • Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics
    • Cris deRitis, Deputy Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics
    • Steve Cochrane, Chief APAC Economist, Moody's Analytics 
    • Ryan Sweet, Senior Director, Moody's Analytics
    • Petr Zemcik, Senior Director, Moody's Analytics
    • Alfredo Coutino, Director, Moody's Analytics
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    Assessing the Macroeconomic Impact of Biden's Economic Policies

    In this webinar, we assess the economic impact of Former Vice President Joe Biden's proposals under different scenarios.

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    Pandemic Update of the Fed's Stress Test

    In this webinar, we will assess the three new economic scenarios provided by the Fed.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Markets, Bankers and Analysts Differ on 2021's Default Rate

    The default research analysts at Moody's Investors Service have lowered their baseline estimates for the U.S. high-yield default rate.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Corporate Credit Mostly Unfazed by Equity Volatility

    The U.S. is now in high-season politically.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Record August for Bond Issuance May Aid Credit Quality

    In terms of US$-denominated supply, corporate bond issuance attained record highs for the month of August.

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    How Far from Normal? Moody's Analytics & CNN Business on the U.S. Economic Recovery

    We’re coming up on six months since COVID-19 turned the world upside down. We are adjusting; however, few things feel normal.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Fed Policy Shift Bodes Well for Corporate Credit

    On August 27, the Federal Open Market Committee updated its long-term goals and monetary policy strategy.

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    Perspectivas Economicas de America Latina (En español)

    América Latina enfrenta una de las peores recesiones del último medio siglo como resultado de los efectos negativos causados por la pandemia del COVID-19.

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    Moody's Analytics & Raymond James in Conversation: The Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Municipal Securities– An Update on the U.S. Economy

    In this webinar, Terry Robertson, Head of Fixed Income Research and Rich Szalkowski, Senior Municipal Credit Analyst at Raymond James, and Cris DeRitis, Deputy Chief Economist and Dan White, Director of Public Sector Research at Moody’s Analytics will discuss the Municipal Market and the impact of COVID-19.

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    COVID-19 and the U.S. Regional Outlook

    In this webinar, we will identify the areas of the country that are best- and worst-positioned in the coming months and years; discuss various themes, trends, and risks that inform our outlook for different regions; and explore what the data are telling us about what is happening in real time.

    August 2020 WebPage Mark Zandi, Adam Kamins, Dan White
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