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    Who Will Be the Next President?

    In this timely webinar, Mark Zandi, Dan White and Bernard Yaros examine the prospects for the U.S. presidential election based on their modeling of the past 10 Presidential elections. We also will assess the impact of voter turnout on the election results, something that had a significant impact on the 2016 election outcome

    The Moody’s Analytics presidential election models capture both economic conditions across states and broader political factors. This is critical, since the election is won or lost in the Electoral College, not in the popular vote.

    Join us as we discuss the prospects for what will likely be a decisive election.

    Mark Zandi
    Mark Zandi is Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics, where he directs the economic research and forecasting team.
    Dan White
    Dan White is the director of government consulting and public finance research at Moody’s Analytics, overseeing economic research with an emphasis on fiscal policy and municipal market impacts.
    Bernard Yaros 
    Bernard Yaros is an assistant director and economist at Moody’s Analytics, specializing in federal fiscal policy.

    Click here to view the presentation slides.

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