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    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Reporting-as-a-Service - Reducing the Regulatory Burden

    The cost and the burden of compliance has been rising for years.

    After experiencing the challenges of poor data, silo’ed systems, weak controls and limited appetite to internally cope with changing regulatory requirements many banks are now looking for ways to reduce that regulatory burden while ensuring they put in place streamlined and sound regulatory reporting processes. 

    This webinar will discuss how Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS) can reduce your regulatory burden and transform compliance into an efficient and strategic tool while minimising the cost.

    Webinar highlights:

    • Lean regulatory reporting and how to minimize the hidden costs of data driven compliance
    • What does a future proof solution look like? How can a bank move towards a RaaS Solution based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach
    • Process-centric vs user-centric solution: adapting to regulatory change by empowering the users

    Presentation Slides

    Cedric Montlahuc, Director, Moody's Analytics
    Hristo Stanev, Assistant Director, Moody's Analytics

    Questions? Email: MA-Webinars@moodys.com