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    New Accounting Standards - Impact and Implementation for Insurers

    Implementation of the new accounting standards (CECL, IFRS 9, IFRS 17, LDTI) poses a significant challenge for Insurers. The standards are quite different but they all have broad financial, organizational and operational impact. Collectively and Individually, the standards drive need for additional data, workflow, scenarios, calculations, disclosures, and reporting. Solution design choices become critical as Insurer’s look to build systems that provide the flexibility to quickly test impact of the standards on financials and better understand the drivers of change.

    This webinar focuses on what insurers can expect when implementing the CECL, IFRS 9, IFRS 17, and LDTI accounting standards. The presenters will touch upon several topics:

    The new standards and their possible implications

    The business-related impacts on insurers

    Implementation challenges, including:

    • Data issues, including availability, granularity, and allocation/aggregation
    • Methodology options for assets (CECL, IFRS 9) and liabilities (IFRS 17, LDTI)
    • Attributing changes and identifying where they occur from period to period
    • Reporting and disclosure requirements

    Workflow and Automation aspects

    Moody’s Analytics point of view on potential solutions


    • Laurent Birade Solutions Specialist
    • Srini Iyer Solutions Specialist

    Download the presentation here.

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