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    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Implementation of IFRS 17 for P&C Insurers

    June 2019

    The complexity of an IFRS 17 implementation project can be overwhelming.

    Insurers have to evaluate measurement options (e.g. PAA vs GMM), accounting policy choices, impacts on financial reporting, and operational challenges. View this webinar to learn about emerging trends, implementation challenges, and practical considerations in implementation of IFRS 17 of P&C Insurers. 

    In this webinar, we cover:

    • Overview of the IFRS 17 standards and its implications for P&C Insurers
    • Summary of the implementation challenges facing P&C insurers
    • IFRS 17 Grouping Requirements and Data Challenges
    • Accounting Policy and Methodology choices
    • Subledger and GL implications
    • Reporting and Disclosure requirements
    • Overview of Moody’s RiskIntegrityTM IFRS 17 solution
    • Q&A and Wrap-up 

    Presentation Slides

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