March 2017

Join our webinar to hear Jim Sarrail of Moody's Analytics discuss transfer pricing processes with Srini Lalapet, transfer pricing specialist at Dell Technologies.

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Best Practices for Transfer Pricing - A Conversation with Dell Technologies

Jim Sarrail, Senior Director of Credit Risk Solutions at Moody's Analytics, talked with Srini Lalapet from Dell Technologies about transfer pricing, specifically the benefits of using Moody's Analytics RiskCalcTM software solution within Dell's transfer pricing process.

December 2016 Pdf Jim Sarrail

SME Financing: Measuring Private Firm Credit Quality - Disintermediation and the Rise of SME Loan Funds

The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of well-established tools and practices that relate to SME credit assessment, focusing specifically on the use of credit data and quantitative default risk modeling to enrich the analysis.

August 2016 Pdf Jim Sarrail
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