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    Learnings from CCAR 2015 and Beyond

    In this webinar, Moody's Analytics experts revisit the CCAR 2015 scenarios, review industry results and discuss how to identify and quantify Systemic Risk.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Stocks and High-Yield Performed Well Amid Prior Upturns by Treasury Bond Yields

    How did financial markets fare during the four previous distinct upturns by Treasury bond yields since December 2008's Great Recession bottom for the 10-year Treasury yield?

    March 2021 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Steven Shields, Mark Zandi

    Weekly Market Outlook: Quality Bonds Retreat as Leveraged Loans Shine

    Following the recessions of 1990-1991, 2001, and 2008-2009, the U.S. high-yield default rate peaked at June 1991's 12.3%, January 2002's 11.1%, and November 2009's 14.7%.

    February 2021 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Michael Ferlez, Mark Zandi

    Global Economic Outlook

    After a soft end to 2020 and a difficult start in 2021, the global economic recovery is projected to gain momentum in the coming year supported by the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

    February 2021 WebPage Mark ZandiSteven Cochrane

    Weekly Market Outlook: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Markets now fret over the possibility that massive amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus may damage future financial conditions and economic performance.

    February 2021 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung ChoiMark Zandi, Steven Shields

    Briefing on the U.S. CCAR & European Stress Test Scenarios

    Following last week’s release of the Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) scenarios for 2021, join Mark Zandi and the Moody’s Analytics team as they discuss the CCAR scenarios.

    February 2021 WebPage Mark ZandiCristian deRitis, Marisa DiNatale, Anna Zabrodzka

    Weekly Market Outlook: Fast Declining EDF Favors Thinner High-Yield Bond Spread

    Moody's Analytics' average expected default frequency metric of U.S./Canadian high-yield issuers, or high-yield EDF, recently sank to 2.36% for its lowest reading since the 2.35% of early October 2018.

    February 2021 Pdf John Lonski, Mark ZandiYukyung Choi, Michael Ferlez

    Moody's Analytics & Raymond James In Conversation: The Year Ahead - Current Economic Outlook & Policy Update

    Join us for the kick-off event in our webinar series: Moody’s Analytics & Raymond James in Conversation where we will discuss the outlook for the U.S. economy, policy under the Biden administration and its impact on banking / lending.

    February 2021 WebPage Mark Zandi

    Weekly Market Outlook: Prices Rise Here, There and Everywhere

    Industrial commodity prices have climbed higher in response to both an actual and anticipated firming of global industrial activity.

    February 2021 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Steven Shields, Mark Zandi

    Weekly Market Outlook: Investment-Grade Bond Offerings to Slow from 2020's Torrid Pace

    Despite the COVID-19 global recession, corporate bond issuance thrived in 2020.

    January 2021 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Michael Ferlez, Mark Zandi

    Averting an Eviction Crisis

    The pandemic has hit the nation's most vulnerable communities hard. Not only have they been more likely to get sick, but they have been more likely to lose their income and savings, and now they are more likely to be evicted.

    January 22, 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi
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