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    Gaining Efficiencies in Today's Commercial Lending Environment

    November 2015

    This webinar explores the drivers for change and the ways innovative technology, coupled with a collaborative approach to lending life-cycle management, is yielding efficiencies and cost savings for commercial banks today.

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    Leveling the Playing Field in Commercial Lending

    Over the past few years, banks of all sizes have faced challenges while trying to profitably grow their commercial lending business. Regulatory mandates, new competitors, outdated systems, and inefficient processes have limited growth.

    June 2016 WebPage Joanne Pollitt

    Consumer & Retail Credit Forecasting: DFAST bank case study with Global Regulatory Requirements

    Learn about the latest trends and methodologies for forecasting consumer and retail credit in this presentation, enhanced by a real-world credit card case study.

    October 2014 Pdf Joanne Pollitt

    Managing Complex Risks at Origination

    In this presentation, Moody's Analytics experts review new requirements for exposure aggregation and credit risk mitigation and share best practices for fulfilling these requirements through three case studies.

    October 2014 Pdf John Baer, Brad Saegesser

    Are You Structuring the Best Commercial Loan Deal Possible?

    In this Banker & Tradesman article, John Baer talks about the empowering of deal makers through a thorough understanding the current risk, borrowing limits, exposure and collateral values for each counterparty within their customer's borrowing group, and across their portfolio.

    May 2013 Pdf John Baer

    Риск-менеджмент — это управление компромиссом «найти или потерять» / Risk Management

    Банковский бизнес — это компромисс между риском и доходом, получаемым от инвестиций. Цель банка состоит, не в том, чтобы полностью избежать рисков, главное — оценить риски и учитывать их стоимость при принятии ком-мерческих решений, в том числе кредитных. О том, как помогают в этом программные продукты компании Moody's Analytics мы беседуем с Джоном Баэром, старшим директором группы, отвечающей за разработку программных продуктов, позволяющих осуществлять оценку кредитных рисков при предоставлении кредитов.

    December 01, 2011 Pdf John Baer

    Analytics As a Secret Weapon for Competitive Advantage In Loan Origination

    Financial institutions are faced with an ever-expanding array of challenges as expenses continue to rise and regulatory burdens grow. As a result, firms are evaluating the ways in which new strategies and technology can drive top and bottom line growth.

    February 2011 WebPage John Baer
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