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    A Holistic Approach to Counterparty Credit Risk Management

    November 2014

    In partnership with Treasury & Risk Magazine, take a look at this webinar to learn how you can adopt counterparty and credit risk management best practices.

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    Downturns, Delays, and the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Economic downturns cause delays and cancellations for new construction in multifamily and commercial real estate, as uncertainty about the timing and magnitude of future cash flows prompts market players to reassess priorities.

    May 2020 WebPage Dr. Victor Calanog, Cristina Pieretti

    Has The Northwest Flattened the Curve? What's Next for Multifamily and CRE

    After Northwest cities like Seattle grabbed early headlines given COVID-19 cases, major outbreaks appear to have leveled off in Washington state. Can we begin assuming that multifamily and commercial real estate properties in the area will fare relatively better versus other places?

    April 2020 WebPage Dr. Victor Calanog, Cristina Pieretti

    The Northeast as the Epicenter: Multifamily and CRE in the Age of COVID-19

    This webinar will focus on the near-term future for multifamily and CRE property types in the Northeast region and how they are impacted by COVID-19.

    April 2020 WebPage Dr. Victor Calanog, Cristina Pieretti

    Market Decisions in an Age of Uncertainty: California Property Markets

    A discussion on California Markets, and the Near Term Future of CRE Finance and Property Types

    March 2020 WebPage Dr. Victor Calanog, Cristina Pieretti

    COVID-19: Potential Effects On the US Economy, CRE Sectors, and CRE Finance Markets

    This webinar will discuss the potential effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the US economy, CRE sectors, and CRE finance markets.

    March 2020 WebPage Cristian deRitis, Dr. Victor Calanog, Cristina Pieretti

    Tech Disruption in CRE & The Evolution of Hyperlocal Analysis

    How is technology disrupting CRE, and how hyperlocal analysis is evolving to augment traditional analysis of risk and opportunities. The session will cover real-world case studies and how clients have been responding to disruptive trends and using hyperlocal data to address challenges.

    November 2019 Pdf Dr. Victor Calanog, Cristina Pieretti

    Beyond Compliance: Extending the Value of Risk and Finance Insights Strategically

    As firms move ahead in meeting a variety of regulations, executives are looking for solutions that not just meet these requirements, but improve business processes.

    November 2019 Pdf Irina Baron, Mehna Raissi

    Beyond Compliance: Extending the Value of Risk Insights

    The risk function has emerged as an important strategic decision-making partner for critical functions such as business development, finance, operations, and technology.

    May 2019 WebPage Roshni Patel, Mehna Raissi, Jin Oh

    Exposing Actionable Insights in Credit Risk Management

    Institutions are transforming their analytic capabilities to move beyond static reports that explain what happened in the past, to more modern analytics that can explain why an event occurred and what is likely to happen in the future.

    October 2016 WebPage Mehna Raissi, Grace Wang, Paul Van Siclen

    IFRS 9 & The Structured Finance Investor

    In this webinar, we detail the specific challenges facing structured finance investors, and propose effective solutions to help address these challenges.

    September 2016 WebPage Mehna Raissi, Kate Calligaro, Edison Tam, David Goncalves
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