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June 2014

As the deadline for Solvency II approaches, many insurers are assessing the best approach to delivering the Pillar III reports required by EIOPA. Many recognize the challenges of data consolidation, data cleansing, calculating accurate results and formatting reports to submit to the regulators.

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The Challenges as Solvency II Reporting Goes Live

This paper is the first in a series of short whitepapers where Brian Heale examines the major challenges and issues insurers face for report production, data management, and SCR calculation for Solvency II. The series of papers also examines the approaches insurers have taken in their Solvency II projects to date.

June 2016 Pdf Brian Heale

A New Advice and Distribution Paradigm in Financial Services

The way insurance and investment products are distributed and managed in the future will undoubtedly change, but firms can benefit from the new paradigm. This article addresses how financial institutions can remain competitive by delivering intuitive customer journeys at a low cost using the latest technology.

December 2015 WebPage Philip Allen, Brian Heale

Latest Developments in the Quantitative Reporting Templates

In this paper, we look at the latest developments in the Quantitative Reporting Templates. We consider how insurers can address the challenge of maintaining Solvency II reporting systems to keep pace with the changing and emerging regulatory requirements.

September 2015 Pdf Brian Heale

Using Analytical Data for Business Decision-Making in Insurance

This article details the organizational and data challenges that insurers face when harnessing the historical and forward-thinking information needed to create interactive dashboards.

May 2015 WebPage Brian Heale

Solvency II and Asset Data

In this White Paper, we look at the challenges that insurers, fund managers and market data providers face in providing and aggregating the asset data required for the completion of the QRT templates and the SCR calculation.

December 2014 Pdf Brian Heale

Challenges Impacting the Global Insurance Industry in 2015 and Beyond

In this interview, Moody's Analytics Senior Director Brian Heale shares his unique expertise on insurance and Solvency II. Learn how global regulations, demographic trends, and technology will impact insurers over the next few years and how they can best prepare for the changes.

November 2014 WebPage Brian Heale

Data: The Foundation of Risk Management

This article focuses on developing an effective data management framework for the analytical data used for regulatory and business reporting.

November 2014 WebPage Brian Heale

Automating the Solvency Capital Requirement Calculation Process

This Whitepaper explores how the Solvency II Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) calculation process can be automated to facilitate efficient and timely regulatory reporting. The SCR calculation process is complex, requiring significant data consolidation, cleansing and transformation to produce accurate and consistent results.

July 2014 Pdf Brian Heale

Solving the Data Challenges of Solvency II

This publication addresses the full spectrum of data challenges: data governance, data quality, tactical and strategic reporting,

May 2014 Pdf Brian Heale

Data Quality is the Biggest Challenge

This article looks at the inherent analytical data quality problems in the insurance industry and how to improve them.

May 2014 WebPage Brian Heale

Using Analytical Data to Support the Decision-Making Process

This article discusses the ways in which insurers can use their analytical and operational data to measure risk and performance, and support their business decision-making processes.

May 2014 WebPage Brian Heale

ORSA – a Forward-Looking View of Capital and Solvency

This article discusses how insurers should look beyond the next year, and build a capability to project solvency capital requirements under a range of scenarios – helping link capital with strategic business decisions.

May 2014 WebPage Gavin Conn, Brian Heale, Craig Turnbull

ORSA: A Capital Adequacy Assessment Process for Insurers

ORSA introduces a new risk and capital management environment for insurers. This article details the origins of ORSA and offers a framework for financial institutions seeking to execute an ORSA.

November 2013 WebPage Brian Heale

Making the Most of Analytical Data in Decision Making

In this paper, Brian Heale discusses the many ways in which insurers can use analytical data to support their strategic risk and capital decision-making processes. He also addresses how this can be integrated with the Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA) and Use Test processes.

November 2013 Pdf Brian Heale

Pillar III Reporting: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Insurers face considerable challenges complying with Solvency II's Pillar III. In this paper, Brian Heale assesses both tactical and strategic approaches for addressing the Pillar III requirements, and proposes a hybrid approach that both satisfies immediate needs and can grow into a strategic solution over time.

September 2013 Pdf Brian Heale

Stress and Scenario Testing: How Insurers Compare with Banks

In this article, we compare the bank and insurance industries, to not only highlight how they are being brought closer together, but also to gain a new perspective on stress testing practices.

September 2013 WebPage Brian Heale

Analytical Data: How Insurers can Improve Quality

There is little doubt that analytical data is a foundation, not only for Solvency II and IFRS programs, but also better informed capital/risk decision making. In the second in a series of papers focusing on key data topics, Brian Heale gives his view on the types of analytical data required for Solvency II and capital/risk decision making with a particular focus on the techniques for improving quality.

July 2013 Pdf Brian Heale

Podcast: Moody's Analytics Solvency II Survey and Data Problems

An interview with Brian Heale - Senior Director, Moody's Analytics - discussing the Moody's Analytics Solvency II Survey. Topics include issues and trends uncovered by the survey, why data is an important issue for insurers, and ways insurers can address the data challenge.

June 2013 WebPage Brian Heale

Data governance best practice: smoothing the way for Solvency II

The first in a series of four papers which focuses on key data topics. Brian Heale gives his view on the obstacles that insurers have to clear in order to get their data management and governance house in order in preparation of Solvency II, and for other regulatory regimes such as ORSA.

April 2013 Pdf Brian Heale