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    Enterprise-wide Stress Testing

    In this webinar, originally recorded on September 17, 2013, Thomas Day discusses best practices for expected loss and pre-provision net revenue forecasting, integration of stress testing into your business architecture, and transforming stress testing from a regulatory exercise to a strategic management tool.

    December 2013 WebPage Thomas Day

    Liquidity Stress Testing: A Moody's Analytics and PRMIA Webinar

    Learn more about liquidity stress testing.

    December 2013 WebPage Mikael Nyberg

    The Future of CLO Analytics

    This webinar discusses CLO market overview, how to effectively analyze CLO portfolios, and loan market value based performance fields.

    December 2013 WebPage Luis Amador, Dan Brown

    Gauging the Risk of Europe's Banks: What Might the ECB Find?

    The European Central (ECB) has begun a year-long comprehensive assessment of the Euro area banking system. In this webinar, Moody's Analytics seeks to provide a default data-driven context for the ECB's exercise and a preview for what is to come.

    November 2013 WebPage Danielle Ferry, Dr. Juan M. Licari

    Stress Testing Webinar Series: Macroeconomic Conditional Pre-provision Net Revenue (PPNR) Forecasting

    This webinar discusses the primary challenges confronting banks when forecasting macroeconomic conditional pre-provision net revenue (PPNR), best practices for forecasting macroeconomic conditional PPNR, and the tools and techniques used by Moody's Analytics to address the challenges.

    October 2013 WebPage Thomas Day, Dr. Amnon Levy, Robert Wyle

    Identifying At-Risk Names in Your Credit Portfolio Webinar

    Identifying At-Risk Names in Your Credit Portfolio

    October 2013 WebPage David Hamilton, Irina Makarova

    A New Approach to Accounting for Regulatory and Economic Capital

    Learn about Moody's Analytics Portfolio Research methodology and findings of the new unified measures, which allow institutions to rank-order their portfolios and potential deals in a way that accounts for both economic risks and regulatory changes.

    August 2013 WebPage Dr. Amnon Levy

    Establishing Best Practices for Stress Testing your Private Company C&I Portfolios

    This webinar provides an overview on the following of the regulatory environment, stress testing challenges and best practices for a sound stress testing framework and the Moody's Analytics RiskCalc Plus.

    July 2013 WebPage Christian Henkel

    Podcast: Moody's Analytics Solvency II Survey and Data Problems

    An interview with Brian Heale - Senior Director, Moody's Analytics - discussing the Moody's Analytics Solvency II Survey. Topics include issues and trends uncovered by the survey, why data is an important issue for insurers, and ways insurers can address the data challenge.

    June 2013 WebPage Brian Heale
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