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New Methods for Modeling Sovereign Risk in Credit Portfolios

The recent sovereign debt crisis in Europe, along with the global increase in sovereign debt issuance, has motivated credit portfolio managers to renew their focus on managing sovereign risk. In response, Moody's Analytics Quantitative Research Group has developed new techniques for modeling sovereign asset correlations.

October 2011 WebPage Nihil Patel, Heather Russell, Vojislav Sesum

Webinar-on-Demand: Credit Risk Management: A Global Fund Manager's Perspective

Learn more about credit risk management: A Global Fund Manager's Perspective.

October 2011 WebPage Philippe Tremblay

Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis

Learn more about stress testing and scenario analysis.

August 2011 WebPage

Meaningful Portfolio Risk Information via a Data Mart

Learn more about meaningful portfolio risk information via a data mart

July 2011 WebPage

Using Through-the-Cycle™ EDF Metrics to Improve Risk Management

Learn more about Through-the-Cycle EDF methodology.

June 2011 WebPage

Using the New CDS-Implied EDF Measures to Improve Risk Management

Learn more how the CDS-implied EDF™ (expected default frequency) model can help in your risk management processes. The CDS-Implied EDF measure links two commonly used risk metrics, default probabilities and CDS spreads, in a credit measure that can be compared directly with Public Firm EDF credit measures.

April 2011 WebPage

Analytics As a Secret Weapon for Competitive Advantage In Loan Origination

Financial institutions are faced with an ever-expanding array of challenges as expenses continue to rise and regulatory burdens grow. As a result, firms are evaluating the ways in which new strategies and technology can drive top and bottom line growth.

February 2011 WebPage John Baer

Do You Have a Complete View of Counterparty Risk Across Your Commercial Loan Portfolio?

Learn more about: improving the effectiveness and accuracy of your origination decisions; analyzing your commercial real estate (CRE) exposure risk on a property-specific and portfolio basis; implementing workflows to enforce bank policies; and understanding the true risk of a transaction by looking at global cash flows.

February 2011 WebPage

Solucion de Moody's Analytics Para Una Gestion Del Riesgo Mas Eficaz En Las Empresas Aseguradoras

Solucion de Moody's Analytics Para Una Gestion Del Riesgo Mas Eficaz En Las Empresas Aseguradoras

January 2011 WebPage
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