Moody's Analytics Webinar: Simplify CECL with the CreditLens™ Solution

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 | 11AM Pacific Time | 2PM Eastern Time

Event Description: 

Recent client-only sessions have highlighted how the CreditLens solution can help you make faster credit decisions. “Simplify CECL with the CreditLens solution” discusses how you make better credit decisions when thinking about CECL and its place in the credit lifecycle. 

As the CECL accounting standard requirements loom over financial institutions, having an effective credit origination process is more important than ever. Lenders must collect more data from borrowers and perform deeper analysis to account for expected credit losses over the life of the loan, starting at the point of origination. 

The CreditLens solution can help. Its digital data collection and automated spreading capabilities let you collect the necessary data from your borrowers more effectively. The risk grading module integrates with in-house risk models, third-party models, and all Moody’s Analytics proprietary models for robust risk analytics. Combining automation, integration, and analytics to deliver powerful credit-decisioning ability, the CreditLens solution also enhances data integrity and accessibility for reporting or auditing purposes. 

This webinar gives you a better understanding of:

  • How the industry is preparing for CECL
  • What clients can consider in a CECL solution
  • The important relationship between origination and CECL
  • The risk grading features within the CreditLens solution


  • Pam Bickel, Director, Solutions Specialist
  • Chris Henkel, Senior Director, Advisory Services

Duration: 30 Minutes

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