Moody's Analytics Webinar: President Trump’s Tariffs – Assessing the Impact of Various Trade Scenarios

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 | 11AM ET

President Trump has increased tariffs on select steel and aluminum imports and threatens to do the same on select imports from China. While the economic fallout from these actions is small, they signal a significant shift in U.S. trade policy and could be the precursor to much more damaging trade actions.

In this webinar, Mark Zandi and our team of economists use the Moody’s Analytics Global Macroeconomic Model to assess the impact of various trade scenarios.


Mark Zandi is Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics where he directs economic research and forecasting. Dr. Zandi’s research interests encompass macroeconomics, financial markets, and public policy.

Cristian deRitis, PhD, is a Senior Director with Moody’s Analytics specializing in consumer credit analysis, policy, and U.S. economic conditions.

Marisa Di Natale is a Senior Director with Moody's Analytics specializing in international modeling and forecasting and U.S. regional and labor economics.

This webinar has now concluded. Click here to view the replay.