Webinar: CECL for Consumer Lending Portfolios - A Checklist

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 | 12:00 P.M. ET

As internal model development and use of vendor models for CECL submission are fast in progress for those submitting by January 2020, our analysts will review a checklist that will help you organize CECL project plans.
We will review what you should expect from model owners and also help with model selections if you are in early preparation stages.

This webinar will specifically cover:

  1. Questions to ask to model owners
  2. The case for calibration
  3. Do you know your impact ratio yet or how you compare to peers/industry?
  4. What next? Buy-in? Validation? Sensitivity Analysis? Attribution Analysis? Volatility Management?


  • Deniz Tudor, Director, Consumer Credit Analytics 
  • David Fieldhouse, Director, Consumer Credit Analytics

Questions? Email [email protected].

This webinar has now concluded. Click here to access the webinar replay and presentation deck.