Moody's Analytics Webinar: Auto Finance Insights – How Vehicle Information Informs Credit Risk Measures

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 | 11AM Eastern Time

In this presentation, we explore how vehicle choice can help predict probability of default, even after controlling for financial terms and borrower credit score. Our analysis suggests that vehicle information, including residual price forecasts, lifts the ability of traditional scores to classify borrowers from most likely to default to least likely. We combine data on consumer credit performance with vehicle information forecasts under a range of economic scenarios to answer:

  • Can vehicle information help assess the creditworthiness of borrowers?
  • What vehicle types are associated with better credit performance?
  • How economically significant is vehicle information?
  • How do borrowers act under stressed economic conditions?

Join Tony Hughes and Michael Vogan to gain valuable insights for managing your auto lending business more effectively.


Tony Hughes is a Managing Director of research at Moody’s Analytics. As the head of specialized modeling, he leads a team of high caliber modelers to develop innovative solutions that serve the financial services industry.

Michael Vogan is an Assistant Director with Moody’s Analytics specializing in the impact of the economy on the auto industry and credit markets.

This webinar has concluded.

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