Moody's Analytics Webinar: Applications of Alternative Data in Credit Decisioning

Thursday, April 12, 2018 | 1:00PM ET

With an immense amount of available data generated worldwide within the last two years, the next evolution of banking analytics will include information from a variety of open and closed sources.

At Moody’s Analytics, we are leveraging our credit risk expertise and long history of data and modeling to address the ever-growing demand for more insightful analytics. We are currently evaluating the predictive outcome of these alternative datasets as they are applied to various stages of the credit process. Given the promising results so far, we believe this is the future of more powerful decisioning capabilities within the financial industry. 

Join us for this panel of research and data scientist experts across Moody’s Analytics as we discuss:

  • Social data in probability of default modeling
  • Closed and open data for location scoring
  • Text analytics for credit risk


  • Ed Oetinger, Director


  • Eric Bao, Director
  • Irina Korablev, Senior Director
  • Rama Sankisa, Associate Director
  • Janet Zhao, Senior Director

This webinar has now concluded. Click here to view the replay.