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    Moody’s Analytics learning solutions and certifications advance global financial risk management understanding and proficiency.

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    Accounting for Credit Professionals Course

    Moody's Analytics Accounting for Credit Professionals eLearning course provides foundational accounting principles for credit practitioners. Register today!

    Advanced Bank Risk Analysis

    Advanced Bank Risk Analysis seminar is a three-day course that provides you with a structured framework for the comprehensive analysis of bank risk profiles in both developed and emerging markets. It builds on Fundamentals of Bank Credit Risk Analysis, although that course is not a prerequisite.

    Advanced Commercial Real Estate Analysis

    This two-day course builds on your CRE skills and knowledge to take you the expert level. It expands upon Commercial Real Estate Analysis Foundations, although that course is not a prerequisite.

    Advanced Corporate Credit Analysis

    This three-day course builds on Moody's Analytics “Fundamentals” and intermediate-level corporate credit courses to take credit professionals' analysis skills to an advanced level.

    Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

    This three-day course gives participants a detailed understanding of financial statements, in the context of rapidly changing standards, for assessing financial risk.

    Agribusiness Lending Course

    Moody's Analytics Agribusiness Lending course provides the skills to understand agricultural businesses & borrowing needs. Learn more & register today!

    Analysis of Sovereign and Country Risk

    This course covers the publicly available credit rating methodologies of our sister company, Moody's Investors Service, for a structured approach to assess sovereign and country risks in mature and developing markets.

    Analyzing Commercial Real Estate Course

    The Analyzing Commercial Real Estate course builds skills in assessing credit risk & loan decisioning for commercial property analysts & lenders. Enroll Now!

    Assessing Credit Risk of Commodity Traders

    Assessing Credit Risk of Commodity Traders provides a structured approach to identifying and analyzing credit risk in a practical and efficient manner.

    Bank Credit Risk Analysis: Intermediate

    This seminar will teach participants the framework and tools necessary for in-depth analysis of bank credit risk in both developed and emerging markets using Moody's bank rating (global rating method).

    Bank Regulation: Impact and Implications of Evolving Regimes

    The 2008 financial crisis and subsequent bank failures led to major global regulatory change. This two-day course introduces the architecture and details of new regulations.

    Blended Solutions for Companies

    Moody's Analytics works with clients to deliver end-to-end, blended learning solutions for high-quality, consistent, and cost-effective banking and financial markets training globally.

    Business Development Skills Training Course

    Business Development Skills will help you reenergize your approach to sales and fine-tune your ability to grow your portfolios strategically, efficiently and ethically.

    Capital Markets: Building Corporate Capital Structures

    This one-day course examines the capitalization of non-financial corporations at key stages in their life cycle, focusing on private versus public shareholder structures.

    Certificate in Commercial Credit (CICC)

    The Certificate in Commercial Credit (CICC) leverages Moody's deep expertise in credit assessment & risk management. Learn more & register for the course!

    Certificate in Derivatives Market Strategies (CDMS)

    The Certification in Derivatives Market Strategies (CDMS) will help you unlock the complex world of derivatives & advance your career. Learn more today!

    Certificate in Fixed Income Trading and Sales (CFITS)

    The CFITS will help you unlock the knowledge and skills required to enter into and progress in a variety of roles that employ fixed income. Register today!

    Certificate in Small Business Banking (CSBB)

    Moody's Certificate in Small Business Banking displays achievement of the highest standards in small business client servicing & loan decisions. Learn more!

    Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM)

    Earn the unique knowledge and skills to address the complex needs of high net worth clients with the Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM), Moody's leading credential in wealth management.

    Commercial Lending Course

    Moody's Analytics Commercial Lending training is a 30-35 hour course that provides an understanding of businesses & their borrowing needs. Register today!

    Commercial Real Estate Analysis Foundations

    This two-day course presents a framework for understanding Commercial Real Estate (CRE) analysis and provides you with the techniques to reduce risk and improve your decision-making and loan structuring skills.

    Consumer Lending Training Course

    Moody's Analytics' Consumer Lending course enables you to gain a deep understanding of critical issues & process related to consumer lending. Register now!

    Corporate Cash Flow Analysis

    This three-day course focuses on the importance of cash flow analysis in the credit assessment process.

    Corporate Credit Rating Analysis

    This unique three-day course tackles intermediate to advanced corporate credit analysis, the framework for the Moody's Investors Service credit rating system, and the use of quantitative credit tools.

    Corporate Debt Restructuring

    This two-day course deals with the background and resolution of debt restructuring issues and reviews techniques for limiting exposure.

    Corporate Governance: Applications and Implementation

    This four-day workshop provides comprehensive and thoroughly practical training for introducing, enhancing, and updating governance practices in organizations.

    Counterparty Credit Risk

    This two-day course provides a review of the critical issues surrounding counterparty credit risk and other risks associated with over-the-counter (OTC) derivative contracts.

    Covenants and Documentation

    This one-day course tackles how financial professionals should review credit documentation, and what pitfalls to look out for in this process.

    Credit Coach Training

    Moody's Analytics' Credit Coach is a scenario-based, eLearning tool that assesses a credit professional's performance & decision making. Learn more today!

    Credit Masterclass

    Credit Masterclass is a five-day course that brings participants through all stages of the credit process.

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