Moody's Analytics offers a number of solutions for structuring and modeling CLO, ABS, RMBS, and CMBS transactions.

Moody's Analytics Structuring & Cashflow Modeling Solutions provide clients with a wide depth/breadth of capabilities and customizable modules.  Clients are able to structure deals themselves within the following platforms: CDOEdge, CDOnet, and SFW.  Via these platforms, clients have the flexibility to structure many different types of transactions, as well as gain transparency and visibility into a deal's waterfall structure, swaps, supports, capital structure and underlying collateral.

In addition, Moody's Analytics Global ABS Portal platform enables clients to comply with Simple, Transparent and Standardised (STS) Securitisation.  Read more about the solution in our most recent press release.

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The CDOEdge tool is a powerful modeling platform for the creation and analysis of cash flow waterfalls in CDO transactions.


Monitor your CDO portfolio, using the robust and flexible Moody’s Analytics software platform for cash-flow analytics.

Structured Finance Workstation (SFW)

The Structured Finance Workstation (SFW) offers cash flow and valuation analytics, integrated with high-quality macroeconomic forecasts and credit risk models.

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