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    Wealth Management and Capital Markets Training

    Financial advisers need to understand their clients’ contexts and challenges to help them navigate the capital markets. Moody’s Analytics offers a blend of industry-leading, online courses and highly experienced instructors to provide advisers with the specialized knowledge they require.

    Our courses help you build advanced financial management skills. They cover a broad range of topics, including borrowing and investment strategies, as well as products, such as derivatives, fixed income, insurance, and mutual funds. You learn a holistic approach to wealth management that enhances your ability to build long-term, profitable client relationships.

    Once you have mastered the required core competencies, you can earn external acknowledgement of your expertise by successfully completing our certification exam.

    Be confident in choosing Moody's Analytics. As an experienced and trusted educator endorsed by regulatory authorities globally, Moody's Analytics sets the standard for financial services training and certification. Partnerships with internationally esteemed organizations, including the Canadian Securities Institute and the Association of International Wealth Management, demonstrate our ability to deliver courses and exams for local markets.

    Skills to help you meet the needs of your clients

    Moody’s Analytics courses are designed to meet your development needs as financial professionals, as well as the financial needs of the clients you serve. Integral to the courses are engaging case studies that focus on understanding your clients’ objectives, and challenges. Leverage our expertise and solutions to develop a client-oriented approach that better meets your clients’ needs and gives you an advantage over your competition.

    Industry-leading online and blended programs

    Moody’s Analytics works with clients to deliver end-to-end, blended learning solutions for high-quality, consistent, and cost-effective credit and risk training, globally. We address client-specific needs with a combination of eLearning, web-classes, in-person training, mentoring, research materials, and testing. Get advice from our team on how our blended approach can help you achieve your learning objectives in an effective and cost-efficient way.


    Advanced High-Yield Rating Analysis Learning Solution

    This two-day course provides in-depth information on the rating practices employed by Moody's Investors Service for assessing high-yield credit risk.

    Corporate Credit Rating Analysis Learning Solution

    This unique three-day course tackles intermediate to advanced corporate credit analysis, the framework for the Moody's Investors Service credit rating system, and the use of quantitative credit tools.

    Corporate Ratings: Credit Demystified for Equity Analysts Learning Solution

    This four-day course provides an in-depth understanding of the analysis practices employed by Moody’s Investors Service to assess corporate credit risk.

    Corporate Valuation & Credit Analysis Learning Solution

    This two-day course covers valuation techniques and credit analysis to improve valuation skills for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), restructuring, and other credit and investment processes.

    Introduction to Equity Capital Markets Learning Solution

    This course introduces the concepts and processes of the primary and secondary equity markets, including a review of IPOs, rights issues, and block trades.

    Private Banker Lending Learning Solution

    Private Banker Lending Learning Solution focuses on identifying borrowing needs, assessing risk, and crafting business lending solutions for high value and professional customers.

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