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    Risk Management Training

    Risk management is the responsibility of all employees within financial institutions. Competence in risk management is vital to protecting your institution and achieving regulatory compliance. Moody’s Analytics helps professionals develop world-class skills through industry-leading online courses and expert instruction.

    As the nature of risk evolves, Moody's Analytics is uniquely positioned to help you keep abreast of the changes and what they mean for your firm.

    Individually, risk practitioners require an increasing range of technical and stakeholder management skills. Organizationally, gaps in risk awareness across the three lines of defense create disconnects and delays in deal handling.

    With our broad range of engaging learning solutions and risk management experience, we help clients around the world improve individual and organizational performance in risk management.

    Industry-leading online and blended programs

    Moody’s Analytics works with clients to deliver end-to-end, blended learning solutions for high-quality, consistent, and cost-effective credit and risk training, globally. We address client-specific needs with a combination of eLearning, web-classes, in-person training, mentoring, research materials, and testing. Get advice from our team on how our blended approach can help you achieve your learning objectives in an effective and cost-efficient way.

    Building a risk-aware and responsible culture

    Some of the most critical obstacles to improving risk management performance relate to people's roles, attitudes, and decision-making processes – the organization’s risk management culture. Moody’s Analytics provides a framework for evolving your organizational culture into an effective risk culture. Leverage Moody’s Analytics programs in implementing a responsible risk-aware culture and drive effective change in your organization.


    Advanced Bank Risk Analysis Learning Solution

    This three-day course teaches participants the framework and tools necessary for in-depth analysis of bank credit risk in both developed and emerging markets.

    Analysis of Sovereign and Country Risk Learning Solution

    This course covers the publicly available credit rating methodologies of our sister company, Moody's Investors Service, for a structured approach to analyzing sovereigns, regional and local governments, and government-related enterprises.

    Commercial Lending Learning Solution

    Commercial Lending provides an understanding of businesses, their borrowing needs, how to undertake robust risk assessments, and how to make good credit decisions.

    Enterprise Risk Management in Banks Learning Solution

    This two-day course improves understanding and collaboration among key stakeholders in the risk management process.

    Credit Coach Learning Solution

    Online scenario-based diagnosis and remediation solution that assesses and resolves gaps in a credit professional’s knowledge, judgment, and decision making.

    Problem Credits: Early Warning Signs and Effective Actions Learning Solution

    This course teaches the causes of business and financial failure, recognition of early warning signs, and development and execution of a response plan.

    Profitability and Credit Risk Learning Solution

    Profitability and Credit Risk helps you mitigate risk, understand your institution’s overall risk tolerance, and maximize profitability.

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