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    Retail, Private, and Small Business Banking Training

    Retail, private, and small business banking clients want sophisticated financial advice and customized banking to meet their specific requirements. Moody’s Analytics blended learning combines industry-leading online courses and experienced instructors to help professionals serve, retain, and grow their client bases.

    Clients of retail, private, and small business banking services are increasingly transacting business on their own. Moody's Analytics is helping banks create value for clients and expand their market share by developing employees to provide world-class, specialist advisory skills.

    Our programs help you understand your clients' challenges and propose the best solutions to address those challenges. Moody's Analytics approach helps you to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in challenging markets.

    Completing our certification programs also provides you with third party recognition of your credit expertise.

    Skills to help you meet the needs of your clients

    Moody’s Analytics courses are designed to meet your development needs as financial professionals, as well as the financial needs of the clients you serve. Integral to the courses are engaging case studies that focus on understanding your clients’ objectives, and challenges. Leverage our expertise and solutions to develop a client-oriented approach that better meets your clients’ needs and gives you an advantage over your competition.

    Industry-leading online and blended programs

    Moody’s Analytics works with clients to deliver end-to-end, blended learning solutions for high-quality, consistent, and cost-effective credit and risk training, globally. We address client-specific needs with a combination of eLearning, web-classes, in-person training, mentoring, research materials, and testing. Get advice from our team on how our blended approach can help you achieve your learning objectives in an effective and cost-efficient way.


    Agribusiness Lending

    Agribusiness Lending provides the skills to understand agricultural businesses and their borrowing needs.

    Consumer Lending

    Consumer Lending enables you to gain recognition and a deep understanding of critical issues and process related to consumer lending.

    Delivering Small Business Solutions

    The DSBS course explains how to identify small business risk factors and needs when proposing business solutions and preparing loan applications.

    Credit Coach

    Online scenario-based diagnosis and remediation solution that assesses and resolves gaps in a credit professional’s knowledge, judgment, and decision making.

    Certificate in Small Business Banking

    The Certificate in Small Business Banking demonstrates achievement of the highest standards in small business client servicing and loan decisions.

    Optimizing Relationships with Small Business Clients

    ORSBC helps you build strong interpersonal skills that build trust, add service value, and create loyal SME relationships that produce referrals.

    Private Banker Lending

    Private Banker Lending Learning Solution focuses on identifying borrowing needs, assessing risk, and crafting business lending solutions for high value and professional customers.

    Small Business Lending

    Small Business Lending addresses topics relevant for the small business lender with effective assessment of financial, market, and management risks.

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