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    Operational Risk, Audit, and Compliance Training

    Risk, audit, and compliance teams are improving their internal processes to protect and add value to their businesses. Moody’s Analytics offers a blend of industry-leading, online courses and expert instruction to enhance these efforts across your organization.

    As a member of a risk, audit, or compliance team, your role has never been more important. If you are in the second and third lines of defense, we can help you manage the challenge of regulatory changes and internal cost controls.

    Our risk experts have joined forces with professionals from audit, compliance, legal, and law enforcement to offer unique development programs. Our courses help you build the technical and behavioral skills to optimize risk management safeguards and align attitudes about risk across your organization.

    Developing competencies beyond technical skills

    Risk, audit, and compliance typically receive extensive training for technical skills, but little for behavioral competencies, such as stakeholder management, communication, and investigation skills. As demands on you and your team grow, it is the behavioral competencies that will differentiate you and help build competitive advantage. Benefit from our unique insights and experience and gain the holistic skill set you need to carry out your duties efficiently and achieve business results.

    Industry-leading online and blended programs

    Moody’s Analytics works with clients to deliver end-to-end, blended learning solutions for high-quality, consistent, and cost-effective training, globally. We address client-specific needs with a combination of eLearning, web-classes, in-person training, mentoring, research materials, and testing. Get advice from our team on how our blended approach can help you achieve your learning objectives in an effective and cost-efficient way.


    Corporate Governance: Applications and Implementation Learning Solution

    This four-day workshop provides comprehensive and thoroughly practical training for introducing, enhancing, and updating governance practices in organizations.

    Due Diligence Learning Solution

    This one-day course demonstrates fundamental practices for effective due diligence.

    Gathering Information and Landing Audit Issues Learning Solution

    This two-day course develops interpersonal skills to manage conversations, gather information, and present issues to auditees to add value to the business.

    Introduction to the UK Regulatory Environment Learning Solution

    This fast-paced and interactive half-day course equips participants with the skills and knowledge they need to begin working in the UK financial services industry.

    Preparing for the Senior Managers and Certified Persons Regime Learning Solution

    This half-day course brings banking staff up to speed with the new Senior Managers and Certified Persons Regime.

    Understanding Truthful and Deceptive Communication Learning Solution

    This one-day course raises awareness of the possibilities and limitations of assessing credibility to help identify deceptive or honest communication.

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