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    International Training

    Moody’s Analytics is your best partner to meet international training needs. Over the past 100+ years since Moody’s founding in 1900, we have built an extensive and in-depth network of international financial experts, as well as industry partners. Our global presence covers over 50 countries and includes training facilities in all major international financial centers. Our dedicated International Learning Solutions teams can provide your organization with the ideal customized international training program.

    With years of experience receiving and hosting international delegations, we deliver training to incoming delegations in all our global financial centers. Whether your company is interested in learning about financial best practices on Wall Street, experiencing the fast-evolving technology industry in Silicon Valley, or gaining an in-depth understanding of the global insurance industry in London, we are your gateway to get there.


    Moody’s Analytics offers customized solutions to help you get the most from your international training investment. Our programs are custom built from both internal courses, and seminars from leading industry experts to fit your needs. We work to understand the distinct needs of your organization to design, implement, and track the performance of your learning programs end-to-end. This includes skills assessment, program design, implementation, evaluation, and enhancement.

    Our international programs typically last from 1-8 weeks depending on your needs, and we can custom build these programs to meet your individual needs in one city or multiple cities. Our programs consist of in-class training sessions, case studies, consultation from real industry practitioners, business visits to other organizations, and team building activities. Participants are awarded international program completion certificates from Moody’s Analytics.

    International Program Benefits

    • Interact with our team of global instructors and pool of experts that bring to the table industry best-practices and years of experience.
    • A selection of global learning centers including various cities in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.
    • Learn best practices, meet industry practitioners, and visit leading organizations in the learning destination of your choice.
    • Modern executive classrooms at our offices and selected international training centers.
    • Executive level service from our logistics and project management teams.
    • Moody’s Analytics works with all departments of financial institutions, corporates, and regulators to organize custom international programs

    Comprehensive Coverage

    We offer a broad set of training programs that capture the latest market movement, compliance and regulation changes, etc. Our training topics include but are not limited to:

    • Credit Products
    • Risk Management
    • Investment Banking
    • Asset Management and Innovation
    • Fixed Income
    • Derivatives Products & Risk Management
    • Futures/Options
    • Fintech (Financial Technology) and Internet Finance Innovation

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    If you are interested in International Training, contact Anthony Sueaquan at Anthony.Sueaquan@moodys.com

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