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    Credit and Lending Training

    The credit environment is complex and competitive, requiring finely tuned and up-to-date skills. As global credit experts, Moody’s Analytics offers training and certification for practitioners at all levels via a blend of industry-leading online course topics and highly experienced instructors.

    From fundamental credit analysis to complex risk mitigation and relationship building, Moody’s Analytics offers a wide range of courses for credit professionals of all levels.  Completing a Moody's certification program also provides you with third party recognition of your credit expertise.

    With more than 100 years of experience in credit analysis, Moody's Analytics sets the standard for credit training and certification. Become a certified credit expert and gain recognition for achieving the skills and competencies of a world class credit practitioner.

    Industry-leading online and blended programs

    Moody’s Analytics works with clients to deliver end-to-end, blended learning solutions for high-quality, consistent, and cost-effective credit and risk training, globally. We address client-specific needs with a combination of eLearning, web-classes, in-person training, mentoring, research materials, and testing. Get advice from our team on how our blended approach can help you achieve your learning objectives in an effective and cost-efficient way.

    Powerful diagnostics

    Moody’s Analytics provides insightful diagnostics to assess the level of credit and risk proficiency across an organization. Our unique assessment tools provide a wide range of actionable information, and targeted training interventions. Take advantage of Moody’s Analytics powerful diagnostics and learning programs to build a risk culture with best-in-class credit decisions and client advisory skills across your teams.

    Featured Experts

    Commercial Lending

    Commercial Lending provides an understanding of businesses, their borrowing needs, how to undertake robust risk assessments, and how to make good credit decisions.

    Corporate Credit Rating Analysis

    This unique three-day course tackles intermediate to advanced corporate credit analysis, the framework for the Moody's Investors Service credit rating system, and the use of quantitative credit tools.

    Fundamentals of Corporate Credit

    This course, the first in the Moody’s Analytics credit series, provides a solid foundation of best practice tools and techniques for fundamental credit analysis.

    Credit Coach

    Online scenario-based diagnosis and remediation solution that assesses and resolves gaps in a credit professional’s knowledge, judgment, and decision making.

    Certificate in Commercial Credit

    The Certificate in Commercial Credit demonstrates achievement of the highest standards of credit analysis and decisioning.

    Certificate in Small Business Banking

    The Certificate in Small Business Banking demonstrates achievement of the highest standards in small business client servicing and loan decisions.

    Small Business Lending

    Small Business Lending addresses topics relevant for the small business lender with effective assessment of financial, market, and management risks.

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