Featured Product

    Commercial Real Estate Data

    Moody’s Analytics Commercial Real Estate (CRE) provides a comprehensive view of the commercial real estate market, building layers of data to drive better decisions. A team of specialized CRE researchers combine and validate data from multiple sources to provide an accurate view of fundamental property data such as structural characteristics, rent and vacancy information, sales transactions, and listings. Our team of experts then interpret and analyze the data to provide additional performance indicators to improve decision making such as market and submarket effective rent and vacancy trends and forecasts.

    Key Facts

    Coverage: Over 6.5 million U.S. commercial properties.

    Geography: United States

    Commonly Used Data Fields:
    • CRE Property ID
    • Building Tenants
    • Space Listings
    • Sales Transactions
    • Vacancy Rate

    File Format: CSV, Parquet, TXT

    Delivery: API, AWS S3, Desktop Download, SFTP, Web

    Data Update Frequency: Daily

    Access this data through our platforms:Moody’s DataHub, Orbis