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    The Ratings and Scores are quantitative in nature and are comprised of data on entities and transactions. Ratings are classifications that are impartial, third-party assessments of a party's ability and willingness to meet a specific financial obligation. They reflect the creditworthiness of the associated entities, or instruments, and are calculated based on a defined methodology by an authorized organization, like Moody’s Investors Service. Scores are similar, but may address areas of interest beyond credit, such as exposures to aged receivables, or ESG risk factors. Moody’s also has qualitative scores available on even a broader number of entities.

    Key Facts

    Coverage: Over 135 million quantitative ratings and scores.

    Geography: Global

    Commonly Used Data Fields:
    • Credit Rating
    • Risk or Default Score
    • Score History
    • Collections Priority Rating (CPR Score)
    • Payment Risk Score/Rating

    File Format: AVRO, CSV, JSON, ORC, Parquet, PDF, PSV, SQL, TXT, XLS, XML

    Delivery: API, AWS S3, Desktop Download, GCS, SFTP, Web

    Data Update Frequency: Intra-day, Daily, Weekly

    Access this data through our platforms: Moody's CreditView, Orbis, Moody's Analytics Pulse, Moody's DataHub