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    Motor Carrier Insurance Policy Data

    Motor Carrier Insurance Policy data provides an in-depth look at the cargo and liability insurance policies required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for companies transporting goods and materials. Data includes carrier name, DOT number, the type of for-hire operation the carrier provides, insurance company name, the policy type, number of policies held, policy limits, cost of insurance and other related information.

    Key Facts

    Coverage: Over 200,000 motor carrier insurance policies.

    Geography: United States

    Commonly Used Data Fields:
    • DOT Number
    • Policy Type
    • Insurance Company Name
    • Limit of Insurance
    • Effective Date

    File Format: CSV, JSON, PDF, XML

    Delivery: Web

    Data Update Frequency: Daily, Weekly

    Access this data through our platform: Moody's Analytics Pulse
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