Featured Product

    Government Contracts and Grants Data

    Data on government contracts, public tenders, counterparties, grants and other relevant information. Listing of agency and service, value of contract, government contractors and key dates. Data includes value and term of contract, and identifiers, such as contract ID.

    Key Facts

    Coverage: Over 12 million government contracts and over 150,000 grants.

    Geography: Global

    Commonly Used Data Fields:
    • Service Description
    • Agency
    • Contract ID
    • Potential Award Value
    • Contract Dates

    File Format: AVRO, CSV, JSON, ORC, Parquet, PDF, SQL, TXT, XML

    Delivery: API, AWS S3, Desktop Download, GCS, SFTP, Web

    Data Update Frequency: Weekly

    Access this data through our platforms: Orbis, Moody’s Analytics Pulse, Moody’s DataHub
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