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    Corporate Physical Climate Risk Scores

    The need to understand the financial impacts of climate change is growing. Asset managers, investors, banks, corporations and governments are under increasing pressure to identify, quantify and manage the impact of climate change on corporate financial performance. As companies evolve in their sophistication of risk understanding and regulatory and disclosure requirements increase, Moody’s Corporate Physical Climate Risk Scores provides forward-looking quantification of climate risk across acute and chronic perils for investment portfolios, to support the financial sector’s needs.

    Corporate Physical Climate Risk Scores on over 10,000 companies that present risk metrics on:
    • Flood – Changes in rainfall intensity and distribution patterns, and frequency and severity of possible floods
    • Heat stress – Increase in temperature
    • Hurricanes and typhoons – Changes in tropical cyclone intensity and areas affected
    • Sea level rise – Heightened storm surge, augmented by sea level rise
    • Water stress – Changes in water supply and demand
    • Wildfires – Change in fire potential and wildfire seasons

    Corporate Physical Climate Risk Scores include the overall score, percent exposed, number exposed, and industry codes. .

    Key Facts

    Coverage: Over 10 thousand corporations

    Geography: Global

    Commonly Used Data Fields:
    • Flood, Heat Stress: Annualized Damage Rate
    • Flood, Heat Stress: Average Annualized Damage
    • Flood, Heat Stress: Impact Score
    • Flood, Heat Stress: Adr Std Dev (Annual damage rate standard deviation)

    File Format: CVS

    Delivery: Desktop Download

    Data Update Frequency: Annually, as models are updated

    Access this data through our platforms: Intelligent Risk Platform