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    Moody’s Analytics QUIQspread™ is an intelligent, financial spreading software that will accelerate your spreading process. Come out from behind the spreadsheet and explore the tool that will redefine spreading forever.

    With QUIQspread, automatically spread financial statements up to 95%* quicker without compromising accuracy. Enhance your entire credit decisioning process and gain more time to focus on high-value activities.

    Build a more efficient and profitable business

    Bring consistency and confidence to your financial spreading and onboarding workflows and intelligently spread financial data from structured and unstructured source documents. QUIQspread accelerates validation and processes data quickly so your team can generate significant time savings and improve productivity in high-value activities. With intelligent spreading software, increase your loan capacity through efficient decision-making and see the effect on your bottom line.

    Gain a consistent view of risk across systems

    QUIQspread enables automatic flagging of data discrepancies, and traces all information in your chart of accounts back to the source. Secure your spread with adjusted value audit logs and map to your chart of accounts and customized templates. QUIQspread can also pass data seamlessly to your existing loan systems through an API, so you can scale and adapt to shifting business needs. QUIQspread financial spreading software will give you a consistent view of risk across your systems.

    Make better, faster credit decisions with QUIQspread -- the award-winning financial spreading software.

    “Financial institutions are constantly looking for ways to reduce the time and resources spent on the financial spreading process without sacrificing quality of data,” said Keith Berry, Executive Director of the Moody's Analytics Accelerator. “Our tool’s functionality goes beyond traditional automation software by leveraging machine learning to understand an institution’s financial data spreading policies.”

    - Keith Barry

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