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    Australian Auto Residual Forecasts - AutoCycle™

    Manage your auto portfolio by leveraging quantitative forecasts of Australian car values under normal and stressed scenarios.


    A Perfect Storm Blows Australian Used-Vehicle Prices Sky-High

    Wholesale used-vehicle prices rose to all-time highs across Australia in June. Following a record-breaking monthly increase in May, June doubled down on the historic gains.

    July 2020 Moody's Analytics

    Australian Used-Vehicle Prices Rise in First Quarter on Supply Concerns

    According to the Datium Insights-Moody's Analytics Price Index, wholesale used-vehicle prices are 37% above the pre-pandemic high set in February 2020.

    April 2021 Moody's Analytics, Michael Brisson

    Recent Australian Used-Vehicle Prices Gains Are Unsustainable

    As prices continue to climb, there is a developing question of sustainability.

    June 2020 Moody's Analytics

    New U.S. Vehicles Becoming Less Affordable as Incomes Drop

    Millions of Americans remain out of work, disposable incomes that were supercharged by federal stimulus look poised for a crash landing, and the Federal Reserve has promised to keep interest rates low for the foreseeable future.

    November 2020 Michael Brisson

    U.S. Wholesale Used-Vehicle Price Report: 2020Q4

    Demand for used vehicles slowed as job creation provided less support.

    January 26, 2021 Moody's Analytics

    AutoCycle Methodology: Australian Model

    This white paper lays out AutoCycle Australia, a forecasting methodology able to generate used-vehicle prices under a wide array of macroeconomic conditions.

    August 2020 Michael Brisson

    U.S. Used-Vehicle Market: Revved Up in 2021

    Demand for used vehicles was red-hot in the first quarter. After ticking down modestly in the final few months of last year, U.S. wholesale used-vehicle prices shot up 11% from December to March.

    April 2021 Michael Brisson

    U.S. Wholesale Used-Vehicle Price Report: 2021Q2

    U.S. wholesale used-vehicle demand has begun to cool off after rising rapidly in the first few months of the year.

    July 21, 2021 Moody's Analytics

    U.S. Wholesale Used-Vehicle Price Report: 2021Q1

    U.S. used-vehicle prices declined in the final quarter of 2020 after an unprecedented runup that began in May.

    March 29, 2021 Moody's Analytics

    U.S. Wholesale Used-Vehicle Price Report: 2020Q3

    U.S. wholesale used-vehicle retention value growth has been muted over the last two months after an unprecedented rise.

    October 27, 2020 Moody's Analytics

    U.S. Wholesale Used-Vehicle Price Report: 2019Q3

    Auto retention values were not immune to the slowdown in the U.S. economy in the third quarter. Wholesale used-vehicle value retention dropped 1.7% in September on a year-over year basis. This at a time when U.S. economic growth slowed from 3% a year earlier to about 2%

    November 2019 Michael Brisson

    U.S. Wholesale Used-Vehicle Price Report: 2017Q4

    Wholesale used-vehicle auction sales waned in November, while the average transaction price fell by 0.53% from a year ago to $10,556. The surge in replacement demand after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma appears to be fading, resulting in prices and sales normalizing from the strong performance in October and September.

    December 2017 Michael Vogan, Roland Lindmayer

    Datium– Moody's Used Vehicle Price Index

    The purpose of this article is to introduce some new data and analytics into Australian economic commentary that pertain to the health of the auto industry and the value of the nation's vehicle fleet.

    December 19, 2019 Moody's Analytics

    U.S. Wholesale Used-Vehicle Price Report: 2020Q2

    Despite the quarterly average declining by 4.6%, the movement of prices within the quarter set multiple records.

    May 2020 Authors
    Press Release

    Australian Used Car Prices Bounce Back Despite COVID-19: New Datium Insights-Moody's Analytics Index

    A new index launched by Moody's Analytics in collaboration with Datium Insights reveals that Australian wholesale used-vehicle prices increased by 10.6% from April to May of this year.

    June 17, 2020 Moody's Analytics

    Insurance Regulatory Insight Newsletter - November/December 2016

    Coverage this month includes the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recent Article IV on consultation with Chile, are encouraging institutional investors to give preference to investing in companies with good governance standards. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has highlighted sustainability as a key theme in its submission to a Parliamentary Committee enquiry into the life insurance industry. While APRA has not included sustainability in regulation, the knowledge that they are interested in it might have an influence on insurers' activities. The United States Federal Insurance Office, published its fourth report on the insurance industry, and its first report on the protection of consumers and access to insurance.

    November 2016 Sandy Sharp

    The Effect of Ride-Sharing on the Auto Industry

    Many in the auto industry are concerned about the impact of ride-sharing. In this article analyze the impact of ride-share services like Uber and Lyft on the private transportation market.

    July 2017 Dr. Tony Hughes

    Cox Automotive – Moody's Analytics Vehicle Affordability Index

    This paper describes the underlying data sources, methodology, and some reasoning as to why each decision was made.

    November 2020 Moody's Analytics

    Electric Vehicle Residual Value Outlook

    Moody's Analytics Lead Auto Economist Michael Vogan examine what factors—both macroeconomic and technological—are causing residuals in the electric vehicle market to under perform.

    December 2017 Michael Vogan

    Supervisory Framework for Measuring and Controlling Large Exposures

    The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) released the final policy framework for the measurement and control of large exposures1 in April 2014. The final framework takes into account the industry comments on the March 2013 proposal2 and would replace the Committee's 1991 guidance.

    November 2014 Pierre-Etienne Chabanel

    Weekly Market Outlook: Inflation Is a Wild Card

    U.S. financial market conditions are forecast to tighten next year, but we still expect solid corporate bond issuance and low defaults.

    December 2021 Ryan Sweet, Katrina Ell, Michael Ferlez, Adam Kamins

    COVID-19 Impact Report for UK Corporate Sectors (October 2020)

    This is the first analysis in a series that aims to evaluate the financial health of UK firms, and to monitor the evolving situation as of October 2020.

    October 2020 Moody's Analytics

    Peru's Central Bank Joins the Rate-Cutting Bandwagon

    Monetary policy alone will be insufficient to temper an economic stall-out.

    March 2020

    Weekly Market Outlook: Under Pressure

    The U.S. consumer price index came in hotter than expected in October, dialing up the pressure on the Federal Reserve to defend its view that inflationary pressures are transitory.

    November 2021 Ryan Sweet, Adam Kamins, Katrina Ell, Steven Shields

    Climate Risk Macroeconomic Forecasting

    Moody's Analytics is expanding its capabilities to enable institutions to assess risks posed by climate change.

    January 2021 Moody's Analytics

    ‍The CRE Equivalent of Zestimate: Combining Machine Learning and Spatial Modeling to Mine Big Data ‍

    With an increasing demand for faster and more objective estimates of fair market rent and pricing for commercial properties, we explore bringing the automated valuation model (AVM) to CRE.

    November 2019 Jun Chen, Wenjing Wang

    Weekly Market Outlook: Supply-Chain Stress Grows, But Relief Is Coming

    Stress in U.S. supply chains intensified in September, but some modest relief is coming.

    November 2021 Ryan Sweet, Katrina Ell, Adam Kamins, Michael Ferlez

    U.K. Freedom and Choice in Pensions: A Free Lunch or Retirement Roulette?

    This whitepaper discusses how the Chancellor of the Exchequer's budget statement, "Freedom and Choice in Pensions" will impact U.K. life insurance industry.

    June 2014 Phil Mowbray
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