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    OSFI Updates Manual of Reporting Forms and Instructions for Banks

    September 27, 2019

    OSFI issued its annual update to the manual of reporting forms and instructions for deposit-taking institutions. The changes to several reporting forms and instructions were announced in a letter addressed to the Chief Financial Officers of banks and federally regulated trust and loan companies and Principal Officers of foreign bank branches.

    Changes made to the following regulatory reporting forms and instructions are effective for 2020 filing:

    • Mortgage Loans Report (E2) (delayed to first quarter of 2021)
    • Deposit Liabilities (K4)
    • Supplementary Return for Foreign Bank Branches (K3)
    • Liquidity Coverage Ratio Return (LA)
    • Basel Capital Adequacy Reporting, or BCAR (BA)
    • Net Cumulative Cash Flow Return (OSFI600)
    • Consolidated Income Statement (P3) (effective some time in 2020—New memo items to be filed as an unstructured filing)
    • Large Exposure Return "unstructured - OSFI930"—New
    • Net Stable Funding Ratio "unstructured—OSFI921"/"structured – DT1"—For D-SIBs only (Third Quarter of 2020)—New
    • Interbank and Major Exposures Return Appendices (2A/2L)—New (2A effective December 2019/2L test data effective June 2020, formal reporting effective September 2020)
    • Joint Balance Sheet (Z4)—New
    • GIC Offer Sheet Return (GA-GB)—New
    • Insured Residential Mortgages (RM)—Trust and Loan Companies Only—New

    Changes to the NCR (credit risk data) returns (RAPCORP, BB, BC, BD, BE, BF and BG) have been postponed and will be incorporated with the proposed changes for 2021. The NCR returns include IRB Credit Data Wholesale Portfolio Part-1 (BB) and Part-2 (BC/BP), IRB Credit Data Retail Portfolio Part-1 (BD) and Part-2 (BE/BO), IRB Credit Data Wholesale Transaction (BF), and IRB Credit Data Wholesale Transaction Defaulted and Fully Resolved (BG).


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