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    Bundesbank Updates Validation and Derivation Rules for Reporting

    July 28, 2021

    Bundesbank updated Version 1.01 of the derivation rules for completeness check at the form level as well as two documents on the nationally deactivated validation rules for reporting by banks. The document titled "Further Nationally Deactivated Validation Rules" contains a list of the EBA validation rules deactivated in the Bundesbank system. The updated information in the "Further Nationally Deactivated Validation Rules" document pertains to the EBA taxonomies 3.0 and 2.10 and this document is expected to be updated at regular intervals. Bundesbank had, on July 13, 2021, published another document titled "Nationally Deactivated Validation Rules - Further information on HGB users on Taxonomy 3.0." This document pertains to the Taxonomy 3.0 (Version 2) and contains a list that includes validation rules that are, from the nGAAP perspective in Germany, not in line with the respective reporting requirements (rows marked red or grey) or have been reactivated due to modification by EBA (rows marked green).

    Furthermore, the update on derivation rules pertains to the harmonized instructions and derivation specifications for the creation of completeness checks for reporting by banks. As noted in Version 1.01 of the derivation rules document, additional information has been provided with respect to "EM BE: R 02.00" and other minor corrections include the following:

    • The "Module level requirements" for REM HE have been adjusted.
    • C 34.XX: The abbreviations for the reporting expectation have been corrected (column G). Change from "M" to "U".
    • C 08.06: "2nd level completeness check" corrected.
    • C 17.01: "2nd level completeness check" removed.
    • C 08.03 - C 08.07, C 34.02 - C 34.11: "2nd level completeness check" was added to the specification of the z-axis.
    • FINREP 9 FULL - nGAAP: Missing information for F 40.02 added.


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