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    BI, OJK, and LPS Establish Integrated Reporting Portal for Banks

    December 20, 2019

    Bank Indonesia (BI), OJK, and Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan or LPS) have agreed to integrate banking sector reporting through one-portal mechanism called Reporting.id, starting from December 31, 2019. This integration was built to minimize redundant and inconsistent information and improve efficiency in bank operations, considering that banks have been reporting data to three authorities through separate applications. The integration of reporting is also aimed at improving the quality of reporting data and creating a Banking Data Unit to realize the means of exchanging and accessing banking data needed at any time by each authority.

    Prior to the implementation of Reporting.id, banks submitted nine types of reports to the authorities through several separate applications. The nine types of reports integrated through the Reporting.id are:

    • Commercial Bank Daily Report (LHBU)
    • Commercial Bank Periodic Report (LBBU)
    • Islamic Commercial Bank Periodic Report (LBBUS)
    • Commercial Bank Monthly Report (LBU)
    • Report on Monetary Stability and Islamic Commercial Bank Monthly Financial System (LSMK-BUS)
    • Commercial Bank Headquarters Report (LKPBU)
    • Rural Credit Bank Monthly Report (LBBPR)
    • Sharia Rural Bank Monthly Report (LBBPRS)
    • Commercial Bank Monthly Financial Report (LKBBU)


    Related Link (in Indonesian): Joint Press Release

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