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    EIOPA Reports 2018 Supervisory Activities and Sets Out 2019 Priorities

    April 26, 2019

    EIOPA published its 2018 supervisory activities report, in accordance with Article 259 of the Solvency II Directive. The report provides an overview of the supervisory activities of EIOPA in 2018, in addition to outlining the progress made and challenges faced in achieving supervisory convergence across member states. The priorities for 2018 remain; however, new activities and milestones have been identified for each priority area.

    New supervisory activities include work on conduct of business supervisory practices under the Supervisory Handbook, analysis of the consistency of technical provisions best estimate calculation, analysis of the supervision of run-off undertakings, and the promotion of supervisory convergence in the European pensions sector regarding the implementation of Institutions for occupational retirement provision (IORPs) II. The focus on cross-border activities will involve ongoing monitoring of the market to detect, handle, and follow-up on identified risks including developing data related aspects and in preemptively identifying prudential and conduct related issues; the focus also includes emphasis on cross-border activities, both for standard formula and internal model undertakings, via the colleges, bilateral engagements with group supervisors, and cooperation platforms.

    Another focus area will be on developing good practices on the ongoing supervision of validation standards and assessing whether and how solvency capital reporting requirements could be improved, to lay the foundation for future internal model ongoing appropriateness indicators. EIOPA will perform assessment of internal model outcomes, via comparative studies on the outcomes of internal models regarding underwriting risks (for main non-life lines of business) and market and credit risks, with an analysis of potential model drifts over time. Toward ensuring a level playing field and avoiding supervisory arbitrage, EIOPA plans to analyze the consistency of the treatment of risk-mitigation techniques and of other financial instruments that may be used to reduce Solvency Capital Requirements

    In the area of supervisory assessment of conduct risk, EIOPA will work on the conduct of business chapters for the Supervisory Handbook—namely on (in this order) supervision of product oversight and governance requirements; further guidance on how to implement risk-based conduct of business supervision; and supervision of the implementation the packaged retail insurance-based investment product key information document (PRIIPs KID). With respect to the supervision of emerging risks, EOIPA will work to:

    • Develop good practices on the supervision of data management, data quality, and IT security governance
    • Promote awareness and perform first steps toward the implementation of a cyber resilience framework
    • Develop guidelines on information and communication technology (ICT) security and governance
    • Promote pilot discussions regarding cyber resilience testing for large insurers
    • Conduct thematic review on big data analytics
    • Ensure a high-level of supervisory standards with the EU27, while establishing a new relationship with the UK under the revised terms; EIOPA will monitor any stability issues in the run up to and following the exit of the UK from the EU, including during any transitional period
    • Assess the impact of IBOR transition in insurance and reinsurance undertakings from different perspectives, including impact on the Risk Free Rate methodology

    The publication of this report followed the publication of the booklet on Common Supervisory Culture in November 2017 and the Supervisory Convergence Plan for 2018-2019 in April 2018. These documents set out the approach of EIOPA to supervisory convergence—by building common benchmarks for supervisory practices, reviewing the practices, and conducting its own independent assessment.


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