September 29, 2017

The Bank of Finland updated the technical reporting guide for AnaCredit. It published the updated Version 2.2 of its preliminary AnaCredit requirements, along with the updated description of electronic reporting for credit data collection. This updated reporting document is a draft version of the instructions and cannot be used for reporting to the Bank of Finland.

The Bank of Finland has started preparations for the establishment of the credit database data collection (known as the LuoTi project). Its website offers information on the preparations and progress of the project, along with the upcoming milestones. The revisions in the updated document on electronic reporting for credit data collection include the following:

  • Introduced changes according to updated schema version 1.2
  • Added in section 1 an introductory remark on the data collection service (DCS)
  • Added in section 5.3 XML schema and its version and information on schemas of submission files
  • Added more details on the identifier of foreign data provider in Sections 5.6.1 and 5.6.2
  • Added more details on validation rules in new section 5.7.1 (on validation checks of the DCS) and section 5.7.2 (on other technical validations of the Bank of Finland)
  • Added information on the e-identification and e-authorization services of, in section 6 , which is about transmission of data do the Bank of Finland
  • Added more details in section 8 on feedback reports


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