September 12, 2018

PRA is proposing (in CP19/18) to update certain reporting requirements to reflect relevant proposals made by the EBA in its open consultations on changes to the implementing technical standards on supervisory reporting. The proposed changes are in line with the EBA consultation on Taxonomy 2.9. The consultation closes on December 12, 2018.

The consultation proposes a number of changes to the PRA reporting requirements as a result of the EBA proposals to update the implementing standards on supervisory reporting. The proposals in this consultation paper cover existing PRA reporting templates for ring-fenced banks (RFBs), statement of profit and loss, and forecast capital data (currently known as Capital+). The consultation also contains a proposal to extend the scope of new Financial Reporting (FINREP) templates to firms that are not required to report using FINREP templates under Article 99 of the Capital Requirements Regulation or CRR (EU Regulation 575/2013). This proposed extension consists of the non-performing loan (NPL) and forborne exposure templates contained in the EBA consultations. The proposed changes will enhance PRA reporting and maintain consistency with the EBA reporting requirements.

This consultation paper CP19/18 is relevant to UK banks and building societies. It is not relevant to PRA-designated UK investment firms, to UK branches of firms in other European Economic Area (EEA) countries and non-EEA countries, or to insurance firms. The consultation paper should be read with the open EBA consultations on changes to the implementing standards on supervisory reporting as well as the Regulatory Reporting Part of the PRA Rulebook and the Supervisory Statement SS34/15. Any modifications to the proposals made by EBA, following its consultation process, will be considered; where the amendments do not differ substantively from the proposals made in this consultation paper, these changes will be implemented by PRA in the form contained in the finalized implementing technical standards.


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